Patch notes

    Coming soon
  1. Deposit ISK into your account V0.04
  2. Mint new IGC with ISK V0.05
  3. Liquitity pool for ISK/IGC
  4. Request withdrawl to Eve Online character
  5. Whitepaper

    Coming Later
  1. Mint new IGC with LP tokens
  2. Destroy IGC for ISK
  3. Liquidity Pool for ISK/PLEX
  4. Liquidity Pool for IGC/PLEX
  5. Mint new IGC with PLEX
  6. Staking
  7. Bounty Contracts
  8. Mercenary Contracts
  9. Credit Score
  10. Loans
  11. Point of Sale system for rental services

    Version 0.05
  1. IGC Mint in Production
  2. Users may mint IGC without fear of a reset. From this point forward, all IGC Mints are permanent.
  3. Updated Coming soon section to reflect the order of intended development.

    Version 0.041
  1. IGC Mint in Beta
  2. Updated index to reflect current price to mint new IGC
  3. Updated index to reflect total number of IGC minted.

    Version 0.04
  1. ISK deposits are now automatically picked up through ESI
  2. Current assets including ISK can be seen on the My Assets page.
  3. Currency is formatted in the American style; commas seperate every third digit for numbers greater than 999.
  4. Changed copyright link to - This link may be used to find the home page for users with a small screen.
  5. Changed versioning to 0.xx 1.0 will represent release.

    Version 0.03
  1. Change log page added
  2. Frequently asked questions page added
  3. My assets page added

    Version 0.02
  1. Eve Online ESI Login implemented
  2. Log out implemented

    Version 0.01
  1. Original Upload
  2. Modified text of template site

    Known Bugs
  1. Navigation menu may become over cluttered for users with a small screen. Users affected by this may not be able to click the home screen link. A workaround for this is to use the copyright link at the botton right of this website.
  2. Precision errors may occur with amounts of ISK greater than 100,000,000,000,000.00 (One-Hundred Trillion) This is about 1/20th the total amount of ISK supply in Eve Online.
  3. IGC mint may charge ISK but not mint IGC when attempting to mint miniscule numbers such as 0.0000001 IGC. Ensure you Mint at least 1 ISK worth of IGC. V0.05