What is this?

A website where you can buy IGC for ISK

IGC is a new digital currency backed by ISK from within Eve Online. The IGC mint increases the price of its backing after every mint. This results in an ever increasing value of IGC and arbitrage opportunities between the IGC mint and the ISK/IGC liquidity pool. The mint will never lower its price for minting new IGC. It will always have an ever increasing price to mint new IGC resulting in scarcity and value.

By disconnecting value from Eve Online servers we can create the "PayPal" of New Eden, offering point of sale services as well as other financial services such as loans and automated escrow services.

What happens when I deposit ISK

Deposited ISK ends up in the JitaBank.com corporate account and is effectively removed from circulation in Eve Online. You may then use that ISK at JitaBank.com to mint new IGC, purchase IGC from the ISK/IGC liquidity Pool, or start a withdrawal request to return it to your Eve Online character.

How long will an ISK withdrawal take?

An extended amount of time. Because CCP does not allow automatic transfer of ISK through ESI, I must manually move the ISK. Please expect at least 7 days. A program is being developed to drastically improve this lengthy time.

How do I deposit ISK?

You may transfer isk from your character to the JitaBank.com Eve Online corporation from within the Eve Online client. Deposits are automatically picked up through API and will be reflected within your account within 20 minutes.

You may follow the directions on the deposit page.

What happens to my JitaBank.com assets if I transfer my character?

Your assets and ISK will be lost and effectively removed from circulation. When you login the API checks to see if that character is logging in from the same Eve Online account. If the character is transfered to another account, the new owner may login at JitaBank.com and will see 0 assets. The only way to retrieve your assets and ISK is to return the character to the original account and login on this website. This method of retreival has not been tested and is only theoretical.

Can this website be used for RMT and laundering?

No! An extensive transaction log is kept and will be supplied to CCP upon request for any RMT investigation.

Early adopters get the biggest reward, can I make an investment now?

Yes, you may follow the directions on the deposit page.